Thinking and Expression Skills Through Teaching Techniques

Jehona Rrustemi, Voglushe Kurteshi


This study aims to examine teachers’ perspectives on the possibility of developing students' thinking and expression skills through teaching techniques. The study adopts correlational research design. The study participants consisted of 412 primary school teachers. The chi-square test results show that there is a linear relationship between the study variables. The t-test results show higher values than the population value of averages. Also, the results of the teachers' perceptions of interactive noting system for effective reading and thinking (INSERT), SQ3R, roundtable, role play, think/pair/share, and brainstorming techniques show the possibility of developing the student's thinking and expressing skills. This research offers a general alternative to improve students' thinking and expression skills through teaching techniques during classroom teaching process.


competencies, thinking, expression, critical thinking techniques

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